Did Fury win the fight?

My reply:

Did Fury win the fight? I'm not going to say. All I will say is that in the sport of boxing if there is no clear winner of a round the judges look for the fighter who controls the ring and aggression.

If both are aggressive than it is the one who lander the harder blows will get the round (if you are hitting the other mans gloves it is not good work  and slapping shot don't count for much )  Also if your glove touches the canvas it should be counted as a knock down if there was contact with the other fighter.

The fight is on a 10 point must system, which means the winner must get 10 points for the round the loser gets 9 unless of a knock down which will cost him another point ie. 10-8 or 10-7 for a 2 knock downs round

With these fact in mind you say who won the fight

P.S. do not listen to the commentators they have never been at the working end of a glove.

It is my opinion that Fury beat the count because the ref pick up the count from the side at the count of 4 (if they didn't cut some time from this production.)

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