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It has occurred to me that not all are acquainted with the max­ims of law or they are not using them on a day to day basis. I also am of the opin­ion that this is not only a prob­lem for the pub­lic but is also a prob­lem for those who know the law. I believe that this is the rea­son that civic class was removed from all pub­lic school. Because if you do not know the law you can not know your rights and if you do not know your rights you do not have any. For exam­ple, how can one defend a right that he does not know he has? It can not be done.

More about the SS Card

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I have not used the process, But see­ing that I paid off five thou­sand dol­lar plus (5000.00) with paper­work I don’t see why (other than human error) this would not work!

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The Truth Revealed

Court Deci­sion: U.S. “Gov­ern­ment Agen­cies” Found Guilty in Mar­tin Luther King’s Assassination

Cir­cuit Court of Shelby County, Ten­nessee Thir­ti­eth Judi­cial Dis­trict at Mem­phis, Decem­ber 1999

Originally published by Washington’s Blog and Global Research in January 2013.

Very few Amer­i­cans are aware of this his­tor­i­cal 1999 civil law suit of the King Fam­ily against the US Gov­ern­ment. (Shelby County Court), Ten­nessee Coretta Scott King: “We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as mem­bers of the media, and we call upon elected offi­cials, and other per­sons of influ­ence to do what they can to share the rev­e­la­tion of this case to the widest pos­si­ble audi­ence.” – King Fam­ily Press Con­fer­ence, Dec. 9, 1999.

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We are all being Played!

I found this pic­tured on the net, but it only had the the header

We Are All Being Played!”

Of cause, I agreed with the image (it states the truth) the only prob­lem I saw was it did not explain how the game is played.

This is how the game is played!

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