We are all being Played!

I found this pictured on the net, but it only had the the header

"We Are All Being Played!"

Of cause, I agreed with the image (it states the truth) the only problem I saw was it did not explain how the game is played.

This is how the game is played!

World Tolarence

This video is/was a challenge directed to master Won. Asking him if he would challenge any boxes to prove the validity of his style. Buried in his answer. Is the solution to world tolerance.



Listen up (so called) world leaders.

How to read the Just Us section.


Read the post with the biggest number for the greatest benifit !

Haiti: Enough Is Enough, Bring on the Revolution!


Ask Haitians on the street why they have put their wiry bodies in the paths of the bullets and tear-gas canisters of Haiti’s various mercenary forces, foreign and domestic, and they will tell you it is because they want to end the foreign occupation. They might add that they cannot make a living, care for their parents, send their children to school, get food to eat or even clean water to drink. In all likelihood, the word election will not come up. Yes, the fraudulent elections of August 9 and October 25, 2015 were an insult, but they are far from being the worst one, which is the more than decade-long foreign rule of the world’s first black republic by a coalition of colonial powers and their lackeys, with genocidal intents. Haiti’s more astute politicians look as though they are running ahead of the crowds, but they are checking back all the while, to make sure they follow the popular will.


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