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For many years now I have wonder why It seems impossible to get any comments on subject, that I know some of the readers are interested in. Many people who will not comment here have no problem commenting on Facebook  (Notice : There is no anonymity and privacy on Facebook)  or other pages provided by corporations. I think they feel that someone in government might be looking at them because they are commenting on this site. Because I can tell you that it was not me who ran up the hits on this site. Which means that there are people reading and returning to the site to read more.

There is a lot of posts on this site Please free fell free to view them. If your not interested in donating That fine (NO PROBLEM!) All I ask is, please don't click on this link Thanks!

WARNING! The rest of the post is rated "R"


This is the reason I have started to ask for donation in the way of helping with the site or by donation of currency or time. But the question may remain why ask for money if all you want is participation? That easy because for ten (10) years now I have been coming out of my pocket to keep the site online but now I would like to add an SSL layer to the site. In this way the site can be fully compatible with the Tor web browser and which offers online anonymity and privacy. O.K. so we are (Iam) looking to get is enough to fund the site. Which should be under one hundred dollars ($100.00) After which a donate (for currency) ban will be enacted till the next year.  Donations of time are always excepted.  Other than a case of getting hacked (which I am actively working to prevent) the site will remain up, just with out the additions. Like Tor's online anonymity and privacy. As I know that there are more than 100 user of this site that only amounts to fifty cent a user for one year. Not much I'd say.

What most people think when you ask for donations.

WHAT SAY YOU?                    

Donations will be displayed at the bottom of the home page with just this image ( modified ).

You can donate in the "Just Us" section on this site

By the way this is also what I say to the

900 People

who had no intention of donating, but clicked this link after being askd not to!

And don't ask why I still publish

Because I don't know!!!

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