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I stop using steemit. It's not an even playing field

I just found a new social network site named steemit, as you may or may not know I am not active on Facebook anymore. ( too many questionable policy for me). So what is steemit? Steemit is a social news service which runs a blogging and social networking website on top of a block-chain database, known as Steem. The service produces STEEM and Steem Dollars which are trade-able tokens users obtain for posting, discovering, and commenting on interesting content. 

I found some interesting people and I am thinking about requesting to repost some of those item here. Anyway if your looking for new post. You will find some on steemit. There is a link to my content on the main menu under "About Us" there are two menu items there one is my latest post. The other menu item are my comments to other people's posts which can get kinda interesting. If you got nothing better to do, take a look! However you will not be able to post replies, upvote or comment on Steemit if your not a member. Personally I don't believe Steem dollars are money, but I have no doudt that Steem dollars are currency.

Here is a link to Steemit

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