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I stop using steemit. It’s not an even play­ing field

I just found a new social net­work site named steemit, as you may or may not know I am not active on Face­book any­more. ( too many ques­tion­able pol­icy for me). So what is steemit? Steemit is a social news ser­vice which runs a blog­ging and social net­work­ing web­site on top of a block-​chain data­base, known as Steem. The ser­vice pro­duces STEEM and Steem Dol­lars which are trade-​able tokens users obtain for post­ing, dis­cov­er­ing, and com­ment­ing on inter­est­ing content.

I found some inter­est­ing peo­ple and I am think­ing about request­ing to repost some of those item here. Any­way if your look­ing for new post. You will find some on steemit. There is a link to my con­tent on the main menu under “About Us” there are two menu items there one is my lat­est post. The other menu item are my com­ments to other people’s posts which can get kinda inter­est­ing. If you got noth­ing bet­ter to do, take a look! How­ever you will not be able to post replies, upvote or com­ment on Steemit if your not a mem­ber. Per­son­ally I don’t believe Steem dol­lars are money, but I have no doudt that Steem dol­lars are currency.

Here is a link to Steemit

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