JAPAN restarted reactor at Senda 1 has had a meltdown

“The plant resumed work to ramp up output at its No. 1 reactor on Thursday after a 6-day suspension due to a problem with one of the reactor's condensers.”

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And what does Kevin have to say?

"These rats! want a fight they have one with me I was a boxer a never defeated in 4 year wrestler, I know the over aggressive fools, the Nuclear crime rats , want to over leverage there lies, I counter punch at the exact right time in there fucking guts,, let them proof me wrong with their cover up lies,, they can't, it works both ways you want to cover the truth, it will burn you and I am the one that lit the flame that knocked the nuclear liars the fuck out. Kevin d. Blanch aml acute leukemia survivor, son of a special forces Marine murdered by the nuclear cartel, oh curs it spite I was born Atomic to win this fight"
                                                                                         Kevin d. Blanch

Radiofreekevin;;;; as the new Tass, the new pravda, the new Joe Goebbels Google, NBC,abc,CBS,Reuters,BBC,Google,yahoo,99p

­ercent of so called alternative media,rt,aljeeres,current,cnbc, and the leaders of the fascism pack foxcon news ran right out of Rupert's home the house of Hanford,, 101 Buckingham place,, Kevin d. Blanch the nuclear British are coming the cancer British are coming,, one of by sea, two of by jet stream, stay un tuna ed the folding Oregon Omni paper cranes have killed you, you have not heard the last of me, sheep as you took the shower, climbed absurd the box car ,, Not me I fight to the death, sea Kevin by the sea defend her you and me;;;;; child ran off her the mighty blue SEA;;;

I want you to tell me one signal human rights activist in the history of humanity that did not rely on PUBLIC donations including DR. ML KING including Gandhi , including mother Teresa, including Greenpeace, amnesty international sierra club I WONT STOP THERE, POST IGNORANCE kevin D. blanch 801-452-1908 573 south 4700 west OGDEN UTAH 84404

I EARNED my credibility, and the MSM NUCLEAR CARTEL EARNED Their liars badge of HONOR;;;

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