M.L. Nestel of The Daily Beast Serves The Dark Side

DeepCapture.com was created to expose the “deep capture” of American institutions by powerful and corrupt financial interests. From day one, we exercised our First Amendment right to speak out against not only the capture of government regulators, but also the capture of other parts of government (elected officials and law enforcement), along with private “watchdogs” such as the news media. As a result, we have, since day one, been the target of various attacks.

In some cases, the attacks on DeepCapture have been perpetrated by gullible or unprincipled American journalists who either knowingly or negligently have allowed themselves to become the voice of criminal or quasi-criminal individuals and organizations who have corrupted the financial industry and enriched themselves through ingenious scams perpetrated on naïve investors. Thanks partly to the efforts of DeepCapture in beating back those attacks, the dangers represented by “lapdog” journalists, the “Media Mob,” and media “hatchet jobs” may now be more widely understood.

Nevertheless, the job of educating the American people about media failings in carrying out its vital “watchdog” role is never done. New threats emerge daily.

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