The Red Pill for North Korea

Often, when peo­ple are first becom­ing per­son­ally acquainted with me and my polit­i­cal views, I will be asked point-​blank: “Do you sup­port North Korea?” I always respond, “No, I don’t sup­port North Korea. I sup­port all of Korea.”

Among aver­age Amer­i­cans and even many who con­sider them­selves activists and left­ists, there is a great deal of con­fu­sion about issues involv­ing the Demo­c­ra­tic People’s Repub­lic of Korea (DPRK) and its his­tory. Each time there is an esca­la­tion of ten­sions on the Korean Penin­sula, the level of con­fu­sion seems to get worse. The US media makes no effort to edu­cate the pub­lic about why Korea is divided — and often bla­tantly dis­torts and lies about it.

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