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Do Androids Dream of Cyrpto-currency?

If you want to understand the universe think `ENERGY`, frecquency and vibration  Nikola Tesla

In this artical I hope to remove the block that Silver and Gold bugs have against Cyrpto-currency. And also do the reverse for most bit-coin users. If you are one of the many who are speculating on the price of cyrpto-currencies, or you are  a miner touch by the finger of greed, you are most likely  not  going to like this idea. Because this idea will stablize the bit-coin price and could increase the copper, Nickel, Silver and even Gold price. It will ensure that coin dealers remine relivent (Disclaimer: I am not a coin dealer)
 It seems the tendency these days is to be-little one or the other type of currency. The problem (as I see it) is that too many people don't know the difference between Money vs Currency. And those who do know the difference have not thought it out and asked themselves the hard questions. Let start out with a hard question for monetary metals  Copper, Nickel, Silver and Gold .
 As the saying goes Silver is the money of gentleman, which is to say it the money of the middle class.  Gold is the money of kings or you could these days just say it is the money of the rich. But there are  (monetarily) 3 classes of people the least of whom  are normally forgotten how ever I say the money of the poor is Nickel and Copper.
We say there are no slaves anymore in the civilized world. However, this is not true because people have the right (to volunteer) to be enslaved. And we still have debt and debt is the money of slaves.
 Maybe we are not as civilized as we think.
 So let's start by asking the hard question for these three (monetary ) classes of money and people. For all three classes there is only one question, Which  is. "How do I get my Copper, Nickel, Silver or Gold from New York City to Peru without the risk of the (so call) government accusing me of money laundering and taking my life savings by reason of their greed.

As the oracal said in the matrix "It is a pickel!"

In other words real wealth can no longer be moved (without a care). What was call moveable property is virturely a thing of the pass. So the problem is portabilty. I'm sure that the bit-coin lovers like hearing that. Well the truth is the truth. However this propersition would not be  all smiles and giggles for bit-coin holders. Because it would stabilize bit-coin.  And if your one of those who are rightfuly making a killing on bit-coin you most likely don't want that to end. But then isn't that the same adittude that has the world in the fix it's in?
As it stands right now cyrpto-currencies is just another fiat currency.  I know some will say that it's not back by any government so it's not fiat. That really has no meaning in today's economy. Governments have very little to do with the control of the money supply. You see the problem with fiat is not if it is, or is not backed by the government. That has never been the problem (that is a smoke screen) the real problem is that it's not made by the government.
That may sound illogical to some but when presented to the logic in the correct manner it should become clear. If the money was made by government then they (the government) would be responsible to the people for the debasement of the currencies. And our currencies has suffered the ultimate debasement.
If I give you five dollars in U.S. currency or I give five dollars worth of Japanese Yen in payment of a debt you still have not gotten your money, you have not been paid! you have gotten an I.O.U. for your labor or service. But because we can take that I.O.U. (five dollar U.S.) and give it to some one else for something that's real, all is well with the world.

It's like the game hot potato as long as your not holding the potato you're good!

Why is this so?  Because all currency is link to the dollar so if the dollar is counterfeit so is the Yen I gave you, and any other currency ( I am not accounting for currency values when I say five dollars.)

The two faces of cyrpto-currency

So because of the block chain it's built on, we can see it (cyrpto-currencies) can become the fiat currency (that is to say currency made out of thin air) that can holds value, however it holds none at this time. And I need you to be clear on what I'm saying, I'm not saying that it has value, I'm saying that it could hold value. It could be formed into the currency of the 21st century. Again I ask how do I get my silver to Peru?

(Note: in much of the world the word for Silver is the same as the word for money.)

When you get right down and dirty money is any commodity. In the real world which more than half of the us are living  in a commodity would be something that they can hold in their hand. If I give a choice to someone living in out in the woods that he can have five fish fresh out of the lake or a I.O.U. (a bond in whatever form) and then say to him, you have been paid five fish. Which do you think he will pick. Well in our Buzarro world we have chosen the I.O.U.

Cyrpto-currencies are an electronic I.O.U. We are falling for the same game with another name.

What was the reason for cyrpto-currency?

one answer is: Substitute of fiat monetary forms - Bitcoins are great choice to hold 
national monetary forms encountering capital controls, and high expansion

(short answer: Stop the debasement of the money supply)

The results of removing the connection between human energy (In the form of commodities) and money is fiat currency. Cyrpto-currency in the form that they are now remove human energy and replaces it with electronic energy, therefore money  is no longer a transfer of human energies. Labor is no longer a factor in money creation, therefore, labor is free. People are just as much a slave with Cyrpto-currencies as they were with fiat currencies only the masters have changed.

Actual statement about cyrpto-currency

Bitcoin derives it's value from it's use-case to store value,
digitally across multiple nodes around the world in a decentralized way.
In buzarro world this is true. But in the real world it's only value is as
a transmitting utility (value apart from the thing it is transmitting) and would
depend on the value of that transmitting utility ability to preform it's duties.
If this were understood then  Cyrpto-currency would then have to seek their value
in an open market. Bit-coin vs lite-coin or who ever give the most bang for the buck.
Rather than Cyrpto-currencies going up in value just because someone bough a tulip,
as they are now.
Oil,Corn, apples,watermelons and even Gold and Silver are money because they are commodities. Bit-coin is a currency, a transmitting utility (as all currency were meant to be) and never the twain shall meet! At least that how it started out. What we have had for the last 40 plus years is a confidence game.
A quote from Modern Money Mechanics:
"What, then, makes these instruments - checks, paper money, and coins - acceptable at face value in payment of all debts and for other monetary uses? Mainly, it is the confidence people have that they will be able to exchange such money for other financial assets and for real goods and services whenever they choose to do so."

Is Cyrpto-currency the new confidence game?

An admission that currencies today (after the closing of the Gold window) only value is the confidence that people have in them. However, this confidence comes from hundreds of years of being backed by real commodities. The commodities (or the energy which produces the commodities) are no longer part of the money making process. However if you are under forty years of age this has been the norm all your life. So it's no wonder that the young flock to cyrpto-currencies. Clif high wants us to think it's all emotional ties(I believe this is also how Clif describes the working of his prediction software) That's true I have an emotional tie to eating food (commodities) I have an emotional tie to having a roof over my head (Do I need to state all the commodities that go into building a house plus the labor). People do not equate money with emotional ties only they also relate it (money) to needs. Interestingly that video has this comment under it "Comments are disabled for this video."  Clif goes on to say 'the vaule of cyrpto-currencies is in the idea!' It seems no real energy is needed anymore. Everything is virtual.

Which brings us to the hard question for cyrpto-currencies

I have been a Silver bug for many years and never saw any value in cyrpto-currencies. But in learning a bit more about cyrpto-currencies I found the it's real assumed value (as to work done) is connected to the amount of electric "current" use to hash the coin. In this way cyrpto-currency has replaced human current (energy) for electrical current (energy)

I would like to point out just in case some didn't know we have not reach singularity yet.

Again,If I have the best servers power by renewables. How is that not making bit coin out of thin air? As soon as the investment is paid off , it's free bit-coin time

If that's is not bad enough Cyrpto-currencies (as a whole) are not fixed and limited as we hear over and over which is suppose to be another thing that gives it value. There are many people Cyrpto-currencies


You can't solve the problem at the level the problem is on, you must go to the next level to solve the problem

Level 1. The results of removing the connection between commodities (human energy) 
and money is fiat currency.  1971 Nixon closes the gold window
Public-key encryption was first described in a secret document in 1973;
Level 2. Cyrpto-currency in the form that they are now remove human energy and 
replaces it with electronic energy, therefore money is no longer a transfer of 
human energy. Bitcoin, created in 2009, was the first decentralized cryptocurrency
Level 3. Labor is no longer a factor in money creation.

(about point three this would be great if all work were done by machines and every on the planet got enough to live on and those who wanted more would expend human energy into the system)

In all of the time that I was thinking about the remedy people who are rich have never entered my mind. The reason being that they have more than enough people to think of them only.  The only way to bring our barbarous relics (Copper,Nickle,Silver andGold) into the 21st century? I'd would say to the coin dealers embrace cyrpto-currency as a transmitting utitly.  Of cause a clearing methor, something like ( )  would have to be conceived of, but we have many savor coin dealers and I don't see that being a big problem for them. However trust is in short supply in our times. But for those who can to make it happen and add a second honest income source  it would be like the boxers say, "Easy Work!" Take a look at  Populous, Populous is a P2P (peer-to-peer) invoice finance platform that is globalizing what is currently a localized and limited market sector. A gifted programmer could make a program fitted for your needs.

Do Androids dream of crypto-currency?

For the last 46 years we have been using a currency that is not connected to any human energy (Perot-dollar notwithstanding) for the 4000 years before that currency was connected to money and money was connect to human energy. Now, ether they were wrong for the last 4,000 years or we have been wrong for the last 46 years. Your choice!

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