Lionel Nation Truth Move­ment?

For some time I’ve been fol­low­ing Lionel Nation com­ments because he is a very artic­u­late speaker. And I was think­ing that he would be the right guy to make a state­ment on the sub­ject, how­ever after post­ing it one time and get­ting no reply I said to myself there are just to many peo­ple in the chat room, so I con­tin­ued to re-​post the same text “What about the great­est night­mare on the planet “Plaes­tine?” Well after a few times post­ing that com­ment the live stream text was cut. Lionel said he had been talk­ing for a few hours and was going off the stream how­ever, the stream didn’t end just the abil­ity for lis­ten­ers to text.

Nuff Said!

Maybe you should take a note from these guys


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