Food Stamps


Trump wants to decide what foods disavantaged Americans will have on their tables. These in many cases are the same people who are disavantaged because of the policies of the corperated (also known as the United States). And now the policy is to cut food stamps in favor of boxed lunches or as they call it America harvest box. And as they always do they have framed the topic as one of needing to save money. I can't help thinking of those old cowboy movies, when I hear the politican say "America is the greatest nation in the world" it make me think of what they put in the dialog for the indigous people to say. "White man speak with forked tounge". Where those writers trying to tell us something?  If you think you are a (so-called white man) please remember none of the writers were brown people. Last fact $581 billion spend on the military and some how you can find images like the one on this page. It seems Veterans also need not allpy, because they are American citzens also.


And now it's winter in America

Gil Scott Heron



President Trump laid out his budget proposal, calling for an increase of nearly 10 percent in military spending.

within that context, Trump's  advisors noted that the corperation (also known as the United States) will ensure that Israel receives a maximum in needed military aid.

300 hunderd million for the next ten years.

As a very famous economist said,

"They Are Eating Our lunch!"

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