South African Land Reform

South Africans woke up on Thursday morning to a message from US President Donald Trump about 'land expropriation' and the 'large scale killings of farmers' and they're not impressed.

Trump has asked his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo to "closely study the South African land and farm seizures" he confirmed in a tweet to his more than 53.9-million followers on the social networking site.

Trump appeared to be reacting to this report on Fox News on land seizures in SA. On the Tucker Carlson Tonight show the host said President Cyril Ramaphosa has "begun seizing land from his own citizens without compensation because they're the wrong skin colour."

Sounds like the (so-called) American Indian story all over again, but this time it's with a twist. What is it that differs this from what happen in America other than they got put on reservations and then run off of that. Oh, that's right I forgot there was no one there when (so-called) whites got to south Africa LMAO Sometime history repeats in strange ways.

How is it that Tucker Carlson can forget how this country came about. Listen to what they said "they took the land during apathy and that was bad" But it was (I can only assume) OK because they were African?

Again as with all race matters it is really one of class and money these are no little family farms they are talking about they are corporations. Yes African states fail and the way State fails is with a lot of help however, this is a class problem again "these are not family farms that are being talked about these are corporations"

And another point. What constitution and government did they agree on before? That was in the constitution (The Same land reform, they agreed to) in order to get them out of apathy did you really think that lack in the constitution was going to last?

Tucker Carlson said it's like, find a buddy and rob somebody!

Shades of American history...1776 Starting with the Chickamagua Wars and the Second Cherokee War, to 1795 – Northwest Indian War!

How quickly we forget!

But let's go on they also talk about Zimbabwe and how the country fell and how they experienced hyper-inflation (the mark of the beast) that is used for every country that is on the shit list of the bankers. Bankers can make any country fall if they have to use the dollar. Which is why the world has awoke to the fact and are moving away from it.

Julius Malema No Nonsense Response to Trump's Twitter Threats

Julius Malema | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

To the powers that (should not) be : you can do it the easy way or

Something to think about

When talking about the blow back of the Haitian revolution, no one ever talks about the Louisiana purchase which happened because of the revolution. The question that should come to mind is who did the French buy it (the land) from to be able to sell it to the other foreign people who claim today "No More Immigrates" ?<p>

Some Historical Events of The Euorpeans Takeover Of Africa

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