The Power of Paper

I had to have the motor in my car rebuilt. The price tag was $5,000 I got a credit card and used an affa­davit to come to an agree­ment with the credit card com­pany that there was no debt.

They now send me pre-​apporved offers about every 90 to 120 days. How­ever I don’t have a rea­son to do it again.

Hypocrisy at it’s finest

Hypocrisy is the con­trivance of a false appear­ance of virtue or good­ness, while con­ceal­ing real char­ac­ter or incli­na­tions, espe­cially with respect to reli­gious and moral beliefs; hence in a gen­eral sense, hypocrisy may involve dis­sim­u­la­tion, pre­tense, or a sham. Hypocrisy is the prac­tice of engag­ing in the same behav­ior or activ­ity for which one crit­i­cizes another. In moral psy­chol­ogy, it is the fail­ure to fol­low one’s own expressed moral rules and prin­ci­ples. For an exam­ple, in Texas a woman of color in prison for voter fraud has lost her bid for a new trial. Crys­tal Mason was con­victed of ille­gal vot­ing in March, after she cast a pro­vi­sional bal­lot in the 2016 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion despite hav­ing a past felony con­vic­tion for tax fraud that pre­vented her from vot­ing. Mason said she didn’t know she was not allow to vote in Taxas due to her crim­i­nal record. Accord­ing to a 2016 report by the Sen­tenc­ing Project, poli­cies restrict­ing the vot­ing rights of con­victed felons dis­in­fran­chise more than 6 mil­lion people.

Chys­tal Mason’s sup­port­ers are demandig charges be drooped, arug­ing that the con­vic­tion was racially biased. This fol­lows a voter fraud con­vic­tion in Iowa, where Terri Lynn Rote a (so-​called) white woman was cov­victed of the same crime, after she tried to vote for Pres­i­dent Trump “twice”! Rote was sen­tenced to two years pro­ba­tion and fined $750.

This Is Why They Removed Civics from the Class­room!

Lakeith Smith Got 65 Years for the Death of a 16-​Year-​Old Killed By Police

Lakeith Smith Got 65 Years for the Death of a 16-​Year-​Old Killed By Police

As soon as I saw this story writ­ten by Marty Roney My first thought was “This is why they took civics out of the class­room.” And you might say (if you’re a brown per­son in Amer­ica) I never knew it was ever in the school sys­tem. Well if you’re younger than I am(at least 64 years on the planet, how­ever, I write this on the day after my earth day so 65) it most def­i­nitely was not in the schools that you went to unless maybe you were in a school that was full of Cau­casians. First, we will look at the story. With some interjections.

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Amer­ica Home of the Free?

Two Brown Men Being Arrested At Star­bucks In Philadel­phia (The City of Broth­erly Love) for wait­ing for a friend. You can see the full inter­view with the women who took the video below.

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Seat Belts (cov­er­ing the bases)

If you have read (or lis­ten to) seat belts, Then you may have ques­tions about what to do if the judge allows you to defend your­self in court? As by the time you get to this point there should be no ques­tion about lawyers , all ref­er­ence to lawyers in this explanaition can be disregarded.

Please make your own notes. Play it as many time as you need to have it fixed in your mind

This addi­tion infor­ma­tion come from the Youtube chan­nel of zujilin2, and I agree 100% with it!

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