Syria on fire


For some time now I have been keeping my eye on what has been happening in Palestine. However, if you looking at Palestine you can't help but see Syria. Ever since nation states came on to the world stage this area of the world has been troubled but now the stakes couldn’t be higher. The goal of destroying Islamic State is largely complete with very little help from the corporation known as the United State. Now the Syrian proxy war is entering a new stage. Who are the players and what are their aims? And what does winning mean? As we all know by now we are only allowed to hear the corporation's side of the story on the people's airwaves. That story is dominating on all English speaking media in the northwestern nations. In order to get all side of the picture one has to go outside of the people's airwaves. Just what are the corporation's aims in Syria?


Cell Towers ☢ 5G ☢ WiFi - What You Need To Know!


The connection between cell phone radiation and health risks is far from settled—but it’s strong enough that the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued guidelines on how to minimize one’s exposure. Though phone manufacturers generally recommend certain behaviors around cell phones, like using the hands-free option or speakerphone, most people don’t look that far into the manual.

Russia Gold


Mike shows us some images coming out of Russia that are evidence of their recent surge in gold reserves. And wonders, as I do also, is this a subtle challenge to Fort Knox and their ongoing lack of transparency?

When Mike Maloney talk about finance people should listen!

Politics, not so much. upcoming story.

Got Gold?

A humorous look at our banking system in 2008.
The funny thing is, nothing has change!


Over the year some protocals have changed on the web if you see a video that dose not display please leave a comment on that video or on the comment page, thanks.

The Price of Peace

A lot of times you can get something profound from what otherwise is a complete waste of time. I found such a statement in the T.V. show Deep space nine. All you have t do is substitute the players. In this episode the furangi explain the logic of the price of peace to a Vulcan.

However, this only make sense if you are not an arms dealer!


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