World Currency Values


In order to be concerned about the state of the world economy, one would have to comprehend how many dollars have been printed without anything backing them (ie. work done in the real world) that we have to SLAVE ourselves out to get just a very tiny part of. Please check out these two viedos.

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Fukushima Update

Exporting the model to South American

Is Venezuela the next State America will invade to protect the people?

Chemical Weapons and Media Disinformation: Venezuela’s President Maduro Accused of Using “Toxic Weapons” against Protesters.

Chemical weapons kill by causing a terrible death mostly to innocent people not involved in the conflict, but just by being nearby. That inevitably includes children. Those who do not die immediately will live scarred for life physically and mentally.

There is a reason why the use of chemical weapons is banned. They kill and maim indiscriminately. Considering that nuclear weapons have a more long-lasting and wider lethal effect should make them the primary target of a total ban. Why nuclear weapons are not banned for the same reason is beyond rationale.

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Global Reset (A Tutorial)


Many of you have heard about the global currency reset. But not many know just what is going on how it all came about and more importantly what does it have to do with your Cash. These two video will get you up to speed, or you can just wait until your currency buy you half of what it use to!

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US preparing to 'EVACUATE 230,000 Americans from South Korea'


DONALD Trump has demanded the evacuation of US citizens from 
South Korea as part of a drill named Courageous Channel, military
sources have revealed. 
If the Pyongyang was to attack, tens of thousands of American 
civilians, including military dependents residing in and around 
the capital city of Seoul, could very well be caught in the 

Seoul is just 35 miles from the border, well within range of more than 12,000 North Korean artillery guns that they have already positioned to strike from dug-in and well-camouflaged positions.

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