The Price of Peace

A lot of times you can get some­thing pro­found from what oth­er­wise is a com­plete waste of time. I found such a state­ment in the T.V. show Deep space nine. All you have t do is sub­sti­tute the play­ers. In this episode the furangi explain the logic of the price of peace to a Vulcan.

How­ever, this only make sense if you are not an arms dealer!

Lionel Nation Truth Move­ment?

Bit Coin, The Con­ver­sa­tion Con­tin­ues

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Android Dreams

Do Androids Dream of Cyrpto-​currency?

If you want to under­stand the uni­verse think ENERGY, frec­quency and vibra­tion Nikola Tesla

In this arti­cal I hope to remove the block that Sil­ver and Gold bugs have against Cyrpto-​currency. And also do the reverse for most bit-​coin users. If you are one of the many who are spec­u­lat­ing on the price of cyrpto-​currencies, or you are a miner touch by the fin­ger of greed, you are most likely not going to like this idea. Because this idea will sta­blize the bit-​coin price and could increase the cop­per, Nickel, Sil­ver and even Gold price. It will ensure that coin deal­ers rem­ine reliv­ent (Dis­claimer: I am not a coin dealer)
It seems the ten­dency these days is to be-​little one or the other type of cur­rency. The prob­lem (as I see it) is that too many peo­ple don’t know the dif­fer­ence between Money vs Cur­rency. And those who do know the dif­fer­ence have not thought it out and asked them­selves the hard ques­tions. Let start out with a hard ques­tion for mon­e­tary met­als Cop­per, Nickel, Sil­ver and Gold .
As the say­ing goes Sil­ver is the money of gen­tle­man, which is to say it the money of the mid­dle class. Gold is the money of kings or you could these days just say it is the money of the rich. But there are (mon­e­tar­ily) 3 classes of peo­ple the least of whom are nor­mally for­got­ten how ever I say the money of the poor is Nickel and Cop­per.
We say there are no slaves any­more in the civ­i­lized world. How­ever, this is not true because peo­ple have the right (to vol­un­teer) to be enslaved. And we still have debt and debt is the money of slaves.
Maybe we are not as civ­i­lized as we think.
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