Syria on fire


For some time now I have been keep­ing my eye on what has been hap­pen­ing in Pales­tine. How­ever, if you look­ing at Pales­tine you can’t help but see Syria. Ever since nation states came on to the world stage this area of the world has been trou­bled but now the stakes couldn’t be higher. The goal of destroy­ing Islamic State is largely com­plete with very lit­tle help from the cor­po­ra­tion known as the United State. Now the Syr­ian proxy war is enter­ing a new stage. Who are the play­ers and what are their aims? And what does win­ning mean? As we all know by now we are only allowed to hear the corporation’s side of the story on the people’s air­waves. That story is dom­i­nat­ing on all Eng­lish speak­ing media in the north­west­ern nations. In order to get all side of the pic­ture one has to go out­side of the people’s air­waves. Just what are the corporation’s aims in Syria?

Cell Tow­ers ☢ 5G ☢ WiFi — What You Need To Know!

The con­nec­tion between cell phone radi­a­tion and health risks is far from set­tled — but it’s strong enough that the Cal­i­for­nia Depart­ment of Pub­lic Health (CDPH) has issued guide­lines on how to min­i­mize one’s expo­sure. Though phone man­u­fac­tur­ers gen­er­ally rec­om­mend cer­tain behav­iors around cell phones, like using the hands-​free option or speak­er­phone, most peo­ple don’t look that far into the manual.

Rus­sia Gold

Mike shows us some images com­ing out of Rus­sia that are evi­dence of their recent surge in gold reserves. And won­ders, as I do also, is this a sub­tle chal­lenge to Fort Knox and their ongo­ing lack of transparency?

When Mike Mal­oney talk about finance peo­ple should listen!

Pol­i­tics, not so much. upcom­ing story.

Got Gold?

A humor­ous look at our bank­ing sys­tem in 2008.
The funny thing is, noth­ing has change!

Over the year some pro­to­cals have changed on the web if you see a video that dose not dis­play please leave a com­ment on that video or on the com­ment page, thanks.

The Price of Peace

A lot of times you can get some­thing pro­found from what oth­er­wise is a com­plete waste of time. I found such a state­ment in the T.V. show Deep space nine. All you have t do is sub­sti­tute the play­ers. In this episode the furangi explain the logic of the price of peace to a Vulcan.

How­ever, this only make sense if you are not an arms dealer!

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