G20 Rules Make Bank Bail-​ins a Real­ity

Bail-​outs occur when out­side investors, such as a gov­ern­ment, res­cue a bor­rower by inject­ing money to help make debt pay­ments. For exam­ple, U.S. tax­pay­ers pro­vided cap­i­tal to many major U.S. banks dur­ing the eco­nomic down­turn in order to help them meet their debt pay­ments and remain in busi­ness, as opposed to being liq­ui­dated to creditors.

Accord­ing to The Econ­o­mist, the mag­a­zine that coined the term, a bail-​in occurs when the borrower’s cred­i­tors are forced to bear some of the bur­den by hav­ing a por­tion of their debt writ­ten off. For exam­ple, bond­hold­ers in Cyprus banks and depos­i­tors with more than 100,000 euros in their accounts were forced to write-​off a por­tion of their holdings.


Just in case you hap­pen to miss this. The real prob­lem is that the peo­ple who will view this don’t really need to.

Enter­tain­ment is being used as a Weapon of Black Destruction !


Last year I pub­lished a story with a list of genet­i­cally mod­i­fied foods com­pany (From Mon­santo), as a way to iden­tify them (GMO). This video with the list of Mon­santo food proces­sor should give you a bet­ter idea of what we are eat­ing. This video is by youtube user Alter­na­tive News4U4 it should make iden­ti­fy­ing them (GMO)much easier.

Now with Mon­santo man­u­fac­tures List

Jackie O blames John­son

From RT​.com

Secret tapes of Jackie Onas­sis express­ing who she felt was behind her husband’s assas­si­na­tion will soon be released. The for­mer first lady believes Lyn­don B. John­son was the mas­ter­mind behind her husband’s mur­der, but he didn’t act alone. Accord­ing to the for­mer first lady he was part of a big­ger con­spir­acy. She became con­vinced that John­son and sev­eral busi­ness­men planned the shoot­ing with Lee Har­vey Oswald.

Dooms­day Seed Vault

Global Research

One thing Microsoft founder Bill Gates can’t be accused of is sloth. He was already pro­gram­ming at 14, founded Microsoft at age 20 while still a stu­dent at Har­vard. By 1995 he had been listed by Forbes as the world’s rich­est man from being the largest share­holder in his Microsoft, a com­pany which his relent­less drive built into a de facto monop­oly in soft­ware sys­tems for per­sonal computers.

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