WiFi Spy

WiFi Device Can See Through Walls: “Track a Human by Using Body as an Antenna Array”
As if things weren’t creepy enough already.

A new appli­ca­tion of WiFi could take sur­veil­lance to the next level.

WiFi already makes a per­fectly good track­ing device – gov­ern­ment and law enforce­ment agen­cies already col­lect loca­tion data from phones and com­put­ers – but ulti­mately, its accu­racy is weak.

Now, MIT tech geeks have found a way to pin­point loca­tion and track com­plex move­ment pat­terns with far greater accu­racy – and what’s more, it can track people’s steps through walls, and the indi­vid­u­als or groups don’t even need to carry a cell phone!

Fake organ­ics

From : Nat​u​ral​news​.com

The biotech­nol­ogy indus­try is scroung­ing for new inroads to slip more GMOs into the food sup­ply, and a new study out of Den­mark pro­poses accom­plish­ing this task using fake organ­ics. Researchers from the Uni­ver­sity of Copen­hagen and the Dan­ish National Research Coun­cil believe they can get away with “rewil­d­ing” exist­ing crops through genetic engi­neer­ing and cre­ate a whole new breed of “organic” crops that don’t require pes­ti­cides or herbicides.

The Bilder­berg Group: The Agenda Of The Nazis

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The Bilder­berg Group: Founded By A Nazi And Con­tin­u­ing The Agenda Of The Nazis

When you want to dis­cover what an orga­ni­za­tion is really all about, it is impor­tant to dig down to the roots. And when you uncover the roots of the Bilder­berg Group, you find some very unset­tling things. It turns out that the Bilder­berg Group has had Nazi con­nec­tions from the very begin­ning, and it con­tin­ues to advance the agenda of the Nazis to this very day. This year, the Bilder­berg Group is meet­ing from June 11th to June 14th at the Inter­alpen Hotel which is near the city of Telfs, Aus­tria. This orga­ni­za­tion has so much power that even sev­eral days before the event police are keep­ing every­one (includ­ing reporters) 10 kilo­me­ters away from the hotel. If this is just a group of pri­vate cit­i­zens get­ting together to chat about world issues, why all the secu­rity? What is so spe­cial about this group of peo­ple that rates such extra­or­di­nary mea­sures? And why are they so bound and deter­mined to keep all of the rest of us away from them?



Pub­lished on Jun 14, 2015

HIGH­EST Level on the NETC Scales. Pos­si­ble Nuclear Power Plant.
Peach Bot­tom Nuclear Plants is just 37 Miles from the cen­ter of down­town Bal­ti­more Mary­land.
NETC and other Radi­a­tion Alert Links @ http://​www​.BPEarth​Watch​.com Check the Col­umn of But­tons on the Left Side of the Website.

Be safe everyone.

46 Pop­u­la­tion Con­trol Quotes That Show How Badly The Elite Want To Wipe Us All Out

The global elite are absolutely obsessed with reduc­ing the size of the global pop­u­la­tion. As you will see from the quotes in this arti­cle, our “world lead­ers” think about the “prob­lem” of over­pop­u­la­tion a lot. Many of them are absolutely con­vinced that it is the great­est prob­lem that human­ity if fac­ing today. So what do they believe should be done about it? That is where there is dis­agree­ment. Some argue for very force­ful mea­sures, while oth­ers pre­fer a “softer” approach.

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On Iran's History

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