Another ingredient to check your food list for!

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Carrageenan is a "natural" food additive derived from red seaweed and processed with a chemical to neutralize its acidity. Introduced to the food industry in the 1930s, carrageenan is a popular ingredient added to foods as a thickening agent to improve the texture and solubility of products. This product has been shown to alter the gut microflora and weaken the body's immune system.


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UN Vehicles in U.S. BUSTED: Hiding Logo From Public View!

Over the last three months there have been dozens of suspicious sightings of military and UN equipment being moved throughout the country coupled with numerous realistic military training exercises with a sharp domestic focus.This is all happening in the lead up to Jade Helm 2015 which has sparked a plethora of theories and strong opinions on what is actually happening.

Fake organics

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The biotechnology industry is scrounging for new inroads to slip more GMOs into the food supply, and a new study out of Denmark proposes accomplishing this task using fake organics. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Danish National Research Council believe they can get away with "rewilding" existing crops through genetic engineering and create a whole new breed of "organic" crops that don't require pesticides or herbicides.

WiFi Spy

WiFi Device Can See Through Walls: “Track a Human by Using Body as an Antenna Array”
As if things weren’t creepy enough already.

A new application of WiFi could take surveillance to the next level.

WiFi already makes a perfectly good tracking device – government and law enforcement agencies already collect location data from phones and computers – but ultimately, its accuracy is weak.

Now, MIT tech geeks have found a way to pinpoint location and track complex movement patterns with far greater accuracy – and what’s more, it can track people’s steps through walls, and the individuals or groups don’t even need to carry a cell phone!



Published on Jun 14, 2015

HIGHEST Level on the NETC Scales. Possible Nuclear Power Plant.
Peach Bottom Nuclear Plants is just 37 Miles from the center of downtown Baltimore Maryland.
NETC and other Radiation Alert Links @ Check the Column of Buttons on the Left Side of the Website.

Be safe everyone.

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