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I have not used the process, But seeing that I paid off five thousand dollar plus (5000.00) with paperwork I don't see why (other than human error) this would not work!

censored by youtube...

Youtube is at it again. It seems that they removed the video. I will try to get in contact with author

If get a replacement a notice will be posted in the current news section on the front page.

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This process works and is what I used about 5 years to pay off a car repair bill.

Rebuild motor 5,000.00 dollars plus

Judge Naidu Explains

It is my opinion that this information should not be  sold!

Consider this. if one is telling you that he is going make you financially independent then one might ask why they or their origination is not financially independent? And if it is as you say, why would you need money from people who are just trying to make ends meet.

When I went back to check the first video and it was not there, I found this interesting video.

I backed this up just in case...


How does it work ?

Your social security card number ( the number on the front of the card) is your account number.
There is a letter on the back of the card (followed by numbers) the letter indicates which Federal Reserve bank the account is at.
Work like any other electronic checking...
New info if you don't have your card on hand try this: USE´╗┐ ROUTING 051736158 +SSN
Money being reversed?
One can not call the bank and expect to get a remedy! You must document your request under notary seal in order to force the process you are attemping.

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