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I have not used the process, But see­ing that I paid off five thou­sand dol­lar plus (5000.00) with paper­work I don’t see why (other than human error) this would not work!

cen­sored by youtube…

Youtube is at it again. It seems that they removed the video. I will try to get in con­tact with author

If get a replace­ment a notice will be posted in the cur­rent news sec­tion on the front page.

PAID BYPROMIS­SORY NOTE” https://​start​page​.com/|

This process works and is what I used about 5 years to pay off a car repair bill.

Rebuild motor 5,000.00 dol­lars plus

Judge Naidu Explains

It is my opin­ion that this infor­ma­tion should not be sold!

Con­sider this. if one is telling you that he is going make you finan­cially inde­pen­dent then one might ask why they or their orig­i­na­tion is not finan­cially inde­pen­dent? And if it is as you say, why would you need money from peo­ple who are just try­ing to make ends meet.

When I went back to check the first video and it was not there, I found this inter­est­ing video.

I backed this up just in case…

How does it work ?

Your social secu­rity card num­ber ( the num­ber on the front of the card) is your account number.
There is a let­ter on the back of the card (fol­lowed by num­bers) the let­ter indi­cates which Fed­eral Reserve bank the account is at.
Work like any other elec­tronic checking…
New info if you don’t have your card on hand try this: USE ROUT­ING 051736158 +SSN
Money being reversed?
One can not call the bank and expect to get a rem­edy! You must doc­u­ment your request under notary seal in order to force the process you are attemping.

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