Don't joke with the T.S.A.

Remember this?

Make jokes about our service and we will arrest you!


Now the T.S.A. say you'll be arrested if you Tease us. But it's all right for them to sexual assault you or steal you gold silver or even if you have too much funny money and come anywhere near the airports or borders.How dose this happen?

JULY 15 2018: Court Gives Clearance for TSA to Molest and Falsely Arrest Air Travelers

Yesterday a Philadelphia Appeals Court ruled that TSA agents can not be sued for molesting or falsely arresting air travelers.

According to an article in Yahoo News the government has granted DHS employees immunity from lawsuits.


It's a matter of jurisdiction

Check the constitution the government has jurisdiction in all ports, dockyards,and other needful buildings. And that's why they say
"We remind you!"

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