Inside the FBI Hunt for “Black Identity Extremists”

The New Co-Intel Pro

Or from the old Mississippi to the new Mississippi

According to a leaked FBI assessment, “Black Identity Extremists” Paste are a new group of domestic terrorists who pose a serious and violent threat to American law enforcement. The assessment is based on unsubstantiated grouping of unrelated police shootings and has drawn much public scrutiny for its apparent advocacy of racial profiling. Rakem Balogun, an outspoken black activist in Dallas, is considered the first person to be targeted as a “Black Identity Extremist”. After being detained for nearly 6 months on weapons charges, VICE met up with Rakem on the day he was released from prison to learn more about the events leading to his arrest and real-world repercussions of the new “Black Identity Extremist” label.

We will try to make contact with this group of thinking brothers.

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Editor's Note: Question - When did the KKK ever do food drives?

On a personal note if I have to spend 6 mounts in jail for no valid reason I'm looking for payback. Even if they are able to type a few digits on a computer in a bank somewhere. Its not the people fault that the system on almost on all levels is broken. When will we learn the simple truth that "OUR TIME IS NOT FREE!" Only two types of people do things for free those who are in love, and those who are enslaved. Should you find yourself in this position (or one like it) remember to advice the policy enforcement office that your time is not free and also advice them of your fee schedule.

ie. five hundred dollars an hour if detained and 5,000 an hour if incarcerated.

We must always remember that these are commerical processes and money is being exchanged! Even if you think it's about something else, it's not!

On a related note check out the short documentry (25:21) Being a White Student at a Historically Black College

This documentry is from the same “Vibe”

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