More On Grav­ity!

Levitation Breakthroughs!

bio-gravitics, hutchison effect, vibro-acoustics!

As with every other thing "New" is always about 20 years old


The link to the online documentation is below, follow by an audio/text presentation and of the Introduction.

Conversation on Gravity


The full Youtube clip can be viewed here

Akoben Adinkrahene
I can believe that they are telling teachers to teach this to children! I'm shocked that not one of them asked about repulsion as a stabilizing force in the universe . Gravity is an attraction power as far as I know it does not repel. Therefor all of the planet would have to do (at some point) the same thing the balls did, which is end up in the middle.

Free Internet Service? Oh Sh_t it works!

That what the title said! I know what your thinking "That's B.S.!" Same thing I was thinking before I tried it out. It works. Now I don't know why people like to not use the mic but they do and most of the time I just go to another video. But because it's title Free Wi-fi with a sim card I said I'll try this once. I'm not sure what is happening in this process but I know for right now it works. I wil not say how long it will work. You know they like to charge us for the services we paid to devolpe. ie The Internet we have paid for that with taxes and we pay again to use it. So I don't fell bad about getting it for free.

Oops! Universe Expanding "Too Quickly"


One of my biggest problems with this video is that it does not make a firm connection to why Halton Arp ( Documentry ) work is so important to understanding the errors of the "Big Bang Theory". I have often wondered if the T.V. sitcom "Big Bang Theory" was made to moke those mathmagician and if it (the big bang theory T.V. program) is more fact than fiction.

They just keep making new law for the universe.

Japanese researchers have invented a mind-controlled third arm

In case you missed it. Researchers have successfully taught volunteers to use a mind-controlled robotic arm to carry out two separate tasks simultaneously. On a visit to the Advance Telecommunications Research Institute International laboratory in Kyoto, developer Shuichi Nishio explained that the invention could increase humans' productivity as well as cognitive skills. Cyborgs of the future could even have a fifth or even sixth limb! During the trial, engineers asked people to perform a task with their own limbs, while also using a third robotic limb - referred to as supernumerary robotic limbs (SRLs) - separate from their body.


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