Suspicious0bserver's Sun Series

HempHave you ever heard any say, You can't see the forest for the trees or no one see the elephant in the room. Well that how it is with our sun. 


Solar Wind Introduction | Sun Series 1

Layers of the Sun | Sun Series 2

Sunspots | Sun Series 3

Solar Flares and CMEs | Sun Series 4


I added this so that a proper understanding of our planets place and movement in the solar system. We will get back to the sun series in 3:20 but remember this when the topic of the Heliosphere comes up.

Space Radiation & CME Impact | Sun Series 5

The Mega Flare | Sun Series 6

Geomagnetic Storms | Sun Series 7

Coronal Holes | Sun Series 8

Sunspot Classifications | Sun Series 9

Cycles of the Sun | Sun Series 10



Want to know more?



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