Is it Real or is it Memorex (Blender)


 In case you missed it, Yahoo! News, the Daily Mail and others are reporting that an American tourists caught what might be an inter-dimensional portal and a UFO flying over the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the Swiss facility that houses the Large Hadron Collider! Having worked with Blender  I am very careful when saying something (anything) seen on the net can be produces with that program. That being said if it was done in some program like blender then who ever made it has a career in Hollywood all they would have to do is to tell the truth to get a contract. Now on the other hand there has been some strange things reported about CERN up till this point. You can view the full video here, with another video that is just my attempt to see if I could debunk it. By seeing if I could find any OPP's (out of place pixels}




CERN Portal and UFO

Remember Harry Perton was photographing stormy evening skies over Groningen in his homeland when there was a flash as he fired the shutter, that some believe could be a wormhole - similar to a black hole

Perton's Portal and  UFO










One of the reasons this image is so interesting to me is that it looks like one half of the Z-pinch affect of cosmic electric (Birkeland) currents.

  Pinch affect of cosmic current

This is my attempt to try to find something to debunk, I didn't find anything, but maybe you can. For me to not believe it because it's so unbelievable, is not with standing! What I'm looking at {video below) are the cloud patterns, just to see consistency or inconsistency in the patterns. If it is blender they did a hell of a job with respect to attention to detail.

I forgot to add this! Wait till you hear what was to power this I.F.O

So my question is why is there a Tesla coil on top of the building at CERN?



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