Free Internet Service? Oh Sh_t it works!

That what the title said! I know what your thinking "That's B.S.!" Same thing I was thinking before I tried it out. It works. Now I don't know why people like to not use the mic but they do and most of the time I just go to another video. But because it's title Free Wi-fi with a sim card I said I'll try this once. I'm not sure what is happening in this process but I know for right now it works. I wil not say how long it will work. You know they like to charge us for the services we paid to devolpe. ie The Internet we have paid for that with taxes and we pay again to use it. So I don't fell bad about getting it for free.

I suggest you cut on the side of the end that is cut off.

Also you do have to have an internet signal in the area.

Good thing is you don't need a password.

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