A Reminder

"May 15 2015"

If this guy sounds crazy to you, it's not him it's you!

Kevin Blanch: Fukushima breaking news; Whales showing up dead along central California  Coast!

 How about multiple Fukushima Events?


MULTIPLE Fukushima Events Await Nuclear Plants!

ONE in EIGHT chance per DECADE a Nuclear MELTDOWN(S) will occur! We are living on borrowed time. What would happen to our electronic and digital world if terrorists detonated a nuclear bomb in space? Listen to Part 2 of Fairewinds’ interview with Matthew Stein. Arnie Gundersen and Mat discuss EMPs (electromagnetic pulses), and Mat explains the three different levels of EMPs, clarifying misconceptions. Arnie and Mat also explore the devastating damage such an attack would have on the world’s nuclear power plants.

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