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I saw this video on the vic­to­ryre­port and because I saw another photo of a man on Mars that look to me like a rock I didn’t give this one to much atten­tion until I saw the smooth walls on the struc­ture in the pic­ture! That rung a bell, No really I heard some­thing! OK, not really. But it is very inter­est­ing. The only prob­lem I have with it is, how did NASA miss that? OK, we all know they are hid­ing some­thing, And they know we know it. So what’s up?

NASA Chief Sci­en­tist Ellen Sto­fan states: Here

“I think we’re going to have strong indi­ca­tions of life beyond Earth within a decade …I think we’re going to have defin­i­tive evi­dence within 2030 years.”

“We’re on the verge of things that peo­ple have won­dered about for mil­len­nia. Within all of our life­times we’re going to under­stand that there is life on other bod­ies in the solar sys­tem. We’re going to under­stand the impli­ca­tions of that for life here on Earth.”

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