In your eye Cliff High

Quinn Micheals Edu­cates Cliff High on the Blockchain

Have you noticed that no mat­ter what the topic is about Cliff High pro­fes­sors not only to know about it but, know every­thing about it.

Well, I noticed!

What we really don’t know

Inves­ti­gat­ing what we don’t know about AI and the con­nec­tions to Cryptocurrency!

Before I even make this state­ment I need to say the I am not a believer in the bible as it is told to the peo­ple because it is not log­i­cal. How­ever there is a great deal of knowl­edge (taken from older scripts) in the bible. O.K. What I find inter­est­ing is that cyrpto’s cur­rency is in every way the spit­ting image of one of the sto­ries, “And all the world fol­lowed after the beast” (If you don’t know which one don’t read any more, stop here!) Again I don’t believe the Bible as it is viewed today. Also I no longer think this is just Tulip­ma­nia. These move­ments are real, some­thing other than pub­lic buy­ing and now with all the large cor­po­ra­tions mak­ing their moves to get in.It’s start­ing to look like a con­trol mech­a­nism (IMO.) Look­ing around I stum­ble onto to another view of the sub­ject which incor­po­rates A.I. Now you don’t have to agree with this view, but you should at least know about it.

Not at all what you are expecying!

Pay atten­tion about what is said about the cloud in the next interview!

Under­stand­ing the title “Con­spir­acy The­o­rists”

The Com­pletely Unex­pected Rea­son Peo­ple Call Oth­ers ‘Con­spir­acy Theorists’

A sur­pris­ing tac­tic against the Elec­tric Uni­verse is the char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of its pro­po­nents as “con­spir­acy the­o­rists.” Let us lay aside for the moment the ques­tion of the preva­lence of actual “con­spir­a­cies” through­out his­tory and in the world today. Let us explore instead, why is this accu­sa­tion made specif­i­cally against pro­po­nents of the Elec­tric Universe?

Not to long ago I ran into just this type of think­ing. Here is the con­ver­sa­tion I had about the Elec­tric Universe.

Night­i­nol Mor­tor

Free Unlim­ited energy? That right Unlim­ited energy, not from solar wind or zero point!

Build­ing The Forbin Project (SKY-​NET)

An Octo­ber 2016 research paper shows how Alice, Bob, and Eve, three of Google Brain’s neural net­works, have been pass­ing mes­sages to each other using encryp­tion entirely of their own, whilst allow­ing the third to “eaves­drop” in order to see if it can deci­pher it.

New Sci­en­tist reports that, despite not being taught any algo­rithms, the three were able to learn how to send coded mes­sages, though the results were way below those of a com­puter gen­er­ated encryp­tion like those used by banks and the like.

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