In your eye Cliff High

Quinn Micheals Educates Cliff High on the Blockchain

 Have you noticed that no matter what the topic is about Cliff High professors not only to know about it but, know everything about it.

 Well, I noticed!

What we really don't know

Investigating what we don't know about AI and the connections to Cryptocurrency!

Before I even make this statement I need to say the I am not a believer in the bible as it is told to the people because it is not logical. However there is a great deal of knowledge (taken from older scripts) in the bible. O.K. What I find interesting is that cyrpto's currency is in every way the spitting image of one of the stories, "And all the world followed after the beast"  (If you don't know which one don't read any more, stop here!)  Again I don't believe the Bible as it is viewed today. Also I no longer think this is just Tulipmania. These movements are real, something other than public buying and now with all the large corporations making their moves to get in.It's starting to look like a control mechanism (IMO.) Looking around I stumble onto to another view of the subject which incorporates A.I. Now you don't have to agree with this view, but you should at least know about it. 

Not at all what you are expecying!

Pay attention about what is said about the cloud in the next interview!

Understanding the title "Conspiracy Theorists"

The Completely Unexpected Reason People Call Others 'Conspiracy Theorists'

A surprising tactic against the Electric Universe is the characterization of its proponents as “conspiracy theorists.” Let us lay aside for the moment the question of the prevalence of actual “conspiracies” throughout history and in the world today. Let us explore instead, why is this accusation made specifically against proponents of the Electric Universe?

Not to long ago I ran into just this type of thinking. Here is the conversation I had about the Electric Universe.

Nightinol Mortor

Free Unlimited energy? That right Unlimited energy, not from solar wind or zero point!

Building The Forbin Project (SKY-NET)

An October 2016 research paper shows how Alice, Bob, and Eve, three of Google Brain’s neural networks, have been passing messages to each other using encryption entirely of their own, whilst allowing the third to "eavesdrop" in order to see if it can decipher it.


New Scientist reports that, despite not being taught any algorithms, the three were able to learn how to send coded messages, though the results were way below those of a computer generated encryption like those used by banks and the like.

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