What can be done when your not at war!

First Domes­ti­cally Man­u­fac­tured Mag­netic Lev­i­ta­tion Train Begins Trial Run in China.

If you have dri­ven on streets like those in New York or taken a train to your des­ti­na­tion any­where in Amer­ica and you are still let­ting them tell you how great the nation is, and you believe it! Well I’m not going to insult any­one, I’ll just say

New Oort cloud dis­cov­ery renews talk of Planet X

Oort CloudNew work from Carnegie’s Scott Shep­pard and Chad­wick Tru­jillo of the Gem­ini Obser­va­tory reports the dis­cov­ery of a dis­tant dwarf planet, called 2012 VP113, which was found beyond the known edge of the solar sys­tem. This is likely one of thou­sands of dis­tant objects that are thought to form the so-​called inner Oort cloud. What’s more, their work indi­cates the poten­tial pres­ence of an enor­mous planet, per­haps up to 10 times the size of Earth, not yet seen, but pos­si­bly influ­enc­ing the orbit of 2012 VP113, as well as other inner Oort cloud objects.

Heads Up for those with poor kid­ney func­tions

Con­sum­ing a bev­er­age con­tain­ing cocoa fla­vanols improves blood ves­sel func­tion in patients with kid­ney fail­ure, accord­ing to a study appear­ing in an upcom­ing issue of the Clin­i­cal Jour­nal of the Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Nephrol­ogy (CJASN). The find­ings sug­gest that the plant-​derived com­pounds may ben­e­fit the car­dio­vas­cu­lar health of patients with poor kid­ney function.

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Some­thing very inter­est­ing hap­pened at CERN recently – they had an acci­dent. The acci­dent cre­ated a “rain­bow” uni­verse. What does this mean, exactly? CERN actu­ally cre­ated a uni­verse for 2.6 sec­onds. The impli­ca­tions of this are both puz­zling and astound­ing. CERN’S “acci­dent” all ties back to the ques­tion: what is the age of the uni­verse?

From The​-New​sHub​.com:

The most widely accepted the­ory is that in the begin­ning there was a sin­gu­lar­ity and that at some point, accord­ing to mod­ern math­e­mat­ics, around 13.7 bil­lion years ago, an event now known as The Big Bang occurred.

Space and time were cre­ated in this moment (Not a state­ment of fact) along with a finite amount of energy and mat­ter in a very dense state.

But what if the math is wrong and the uni­verse is older than we think?

Unstop­pable con­t­a­m­i­na­tion of Pacific Ocean… is seri­ously men­ac­ing US West Coast

As you may have expected there is no good news. As the world lead­ers talk about how to make a profit from cli­mate con­trol, Fukushima is not on the list! Ask your­self truth­fully, why is this?

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On Iran’s History

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