What can be learned from a piece of chalk?

Just out! From the Inter­net Way back machine! A short por­tion of an inter­est­ing talk by (I believe) Neils Bhor on chalk! Nuff Said!

The First Genet­i­cally Mod­i­fied Human Could Exist Within 2 Years

HempThe biotech firm Edi­tas Med­i­cine says that humans who have had their DNA genet­i­cally mod­i­fied could exist within the next 2 years. The com­pany announced that it will soon start the first tri­als of what it calls a ground­break­ing new technique.

U.S.-based Edi­tas is striv­ing to become the first lab in the world to edit the DNA of patients suf­fer­ing from leber con­gen­i­tal amau­ro­sis (LCA), a genetic con­di­tion that causes

severe vision loss at birth. Some LCA patients also expe­ri­ence cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem con­di­tions, such as epilepsy, devel­op­men­tal delays and motor skill impairment.

LCA is said to be caused by defects in a gene respon­si­ble for the cre­ation of a pro­tein that is vital to vision. Edi­tas Med­i­cine sci­en­tists believe they can fix the mutated DNA using gene-​editing tech­nol­ogy known as CRISPRs.

CRISPRs, which stands for “clus­tered reg­u­larly inter­spaced short palin­dromic repeats,” allows sci­en­tists to edit genes “with pre­ci­sion, effi­ciency and flex­i­bil­ity,” Giz­modo explained in a May 5, 2015 arti­cle. Researchers have report­edly been able to cre­ate mon­keys with tar­geted muta­tions and pre­vent HIV infec­tion in human cells using this piece of biotechnology.

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Air­port to Low Orbit (SABRE)

From Earth To Low Orbit Nice Trick

SABRE, or Syn­er­getic Air-​Breathing Rocket Engine

Defense tech­nol­ogy giant BAE Sys­tems plc on Nov. 2 said it had agreed to pur­chase a 20 per­cent equity stake in single-​stage-​to-​orbit engine designer Reac­tion Engines Lim­ited (REL)

SABRE, in devel­op­ment for more than two decades – includ­ing many years where fund­ing was scarce – is part of REL’s pro­posed Sky­lon rocket, which would take off hor­i­zon­tally from an air­port run­way, reach Mach 5 speeds in the atmos­phere and then move to low Earth orbit to deliver payloads.

Its key tech­no­log­i­cal aim is to prove the oper­a­tional fea­si­bil­ity of a light­weight heat ex-​changer that ingests incom­ing air in the atmos­phere at a tem­per­a­ture of 1,000 degrees Cel­sius and cools it to minus 150 degrees Cel­sius in one-​hundredth of a sec­ond with­out gen­er­at­ing ice buildup.

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Suspicious0bserver’s Sun Series

HempHave you ever heard any say, You can’t see the for­est for the trees or no one see the ele­phant in the room. Well that how it is with our sun.

Cancer-​Causing Tam­pons

Are you putting Mon­santo in your vagina? 85% of tam­pons and fem­i­nine hygiene prod­ucts con­t­a­m­i­nated with cancer-​causing glyphosate herbicide

(Nat­u­ral­News) In the late 1970s and early 1980s, over 50 Amer­i­can women were killed by their tam­pons. Although the FDA and the fem­i­nine hygiene indus­try have gone to tremen­dous lengths to try to mem­ory hole this true his­tory (and label it just a “rumor”), tam­pons made from cer­tain non-​natural fibers were found to har­bor deadly bac­te­ria and release a suf­fi­cient quan­tity of chem­i­cals to kill or injure over a thou­sand women.

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On Iran’s History

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