Think Backwards

Just one of the many example (of our [so called] public education) were the expression

"Think backwards and everything will be cleare to you!"

is demostrated.


A different way of doing math at a much faster speed than those that they teach you in School. Its slow in the beginning but get very interesting when it comes to multiplications and squaring beginning part 3 ~ part 5.


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100 Uses of Silver

Uses of Silver
We’ve all heard it said, there are over 10,000 uses of silver in industrial applications. But are there really?

With silver’s unique features of high thermal and electrical conductivity, it will continue to remain king in industrial and electrical applications.

Also, with the recent discovery of nano particles and nano silver, there has been an explosion of silver uses & applications in the home.

This combined with all the silver compounds available such as silver nitrate, silver fluoride, silver bromide, etc… you can easily expand on this list to get into the thousands.

There is hot debate on the safety of nano silver being used in household products, particularly in silver ‘leaking’ into our environment. A recent study suggests this may not be the case.

That being said below are 101 silver uses & applications in everyday life!
Uses of Silver in Medicine & HEALTHCARE

History: How African Muslims “Civilized Spain”

Today marks the anniversary of the end of nearly 700 years of African Muslim rule over Spain, Portugal and Southern France.

Four hundred and eight years ago on the 8 of April  King Phillip III of Spain signed an order, which was one of the earliest examples of ethnic cleansing. At the height of the Spanish inquisition, King Phillip III ordered the expulsion of 300,000 Muslim Moriscos, which initiated one of the most brutal and tragic episodes in the history of Spain.

Echolocate Like Dolphins

Humans Are Being Taught to Echolocate Like Dolphins - and It's Surprisingly Easy

Scientists have successfully taught a small group of blind and sighted people how to navigate their surroundings using echolocation - the sonar-based language of dolphins and bats.
Using sound created by tongue clicks, the group learned how to detect the size of virtual rooms with surprising accuracy - something that researchers had not expected in people who were born with sight.
While blind people have proven successful at echolocation in the past, it's been unclear if sighted people can develop the same ability, given their almost total dependence on visual perception.

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