Our Official Review of Star Trek Prelude to Axanar

 "Star Trek Still Raciest After All These Years!"

Good old star Trek, Interesting.. They made the klingon's to be pink skins again just like the T.V. show. Now I remember Wharf being asked about that in deep space nine. The episode where they all went back in time to Kirk's ship that was docked at the space station with the tribbles. When asked about the klingon's with the pink skin, Wharf didn't want to talk about it. he said it was an embarrassment! It's an embarrassment the people in casting are playing the race card again. Brown skin people are 90% of the planet but in 2241 only pink skins get to outer space. Oh sure there will be one or two but basically it's the pink skin cast all over again. I thought they had move (somewhat) pass that kinda stuff with deep space nine! This is being done by axanarproductions.com, but with the same old Hollywood mentality. All they have to do now is get a black guy to die in the first 15 minutes and they will have nailed it. Also, I thought that Jake Cisco didn't want to join the feds? Oh no, I didn't forget he played Jake as an old man in deep space nine. Jake was a reported right?. They should have just let him tell the story. That would be in keeping with what has already been established along with brown Klingon's! Tell you what lets all sit back and let the mind control proceed as one of the youtuber suggest!

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0 #1 adinkrahene 2015-11-17 16:27
I have come to find that many people have a problem with this movie. But their problem is with a brown man in the lead... Seem we all have our problem... :cry:

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