Extraordinary Antigravity Devices

Extraordinary Antigravity Devices That Can Make Faster Than Light Travel Possible

In this presentation, a tremendous amount of information was packed into the time. Many prototypes and assemblies were depicted with high quality photos. will give a demonstration with one of his Beam-ships, a 3-foot diameter VTOL models; an example of gravity control propulsion, which is what UFO propulsion basically is, and as a field-effect methodology, it has no inertia, or G-forces, and with enough power, could probably exceed light speed many times over, as the warp-bubble calculations of Miguel Alcubierre show. In the levity disk or inverse gravity vehicle, gravity acts like a repelling force instead of an attractive force. You don't depend on aerodynamics or internal combustion for lift and propulsion. Gravitation doesn't seem to be some kind of space warp created by mass or energy. Instead it is electrodynamic, electrogravitic, and electromagnetic.

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