Never Forget!

This story is usually told from the point of view of the plains Indian. As it is in the following story. The story of the dark indigenous American is omitted from history or at best distorted. When I talk of the distortion it has to do with the slave trade. And the idea that all of the dark or brown indigenous American were carried to this land in slave ship. That the dark indigenous people were on the east cost is an unquestionable fact. This is not an attempt to make any claim, as the facts can no longer be hidden.

("The role of black Indians, largely omitted from or distorted in conventional history books, is traced by  William Loren Katz  Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage. With careful and committed research he integrates their general history with brief individual biographies, including leaders, army scouts and soldiers, frontiersmen and explorers, (and yes) "dangerous outlaws"

The question one needs to ask oneself is why was it distorted ?

The horrors of the methods of slavery have made those dark indigenous people forget any existence prior to enslavement. This is a positive occurrence for the enslaver who seeks to conquer the land and all it's people, as there is no need to worry about slaves making a claim, who do not even know who they are! That distorted history is well documented and most of the dark indigenous people have been inculcated to it by now. But of our brothers on the plain this could not be said. This is the story of our younger brother also distorted, (now fully exposed ) and also, now seen as the elder on the land, because others have forgotten.

What does it mean to fear God?



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