1681 — The Inven­tion of Race: The Laws that Changed the World!

Philippe SHOCK Matthews

Philippe Broad­cast on Youtube.

Show notes follow

ABOUT DR. JACQUE­LINE BAT­TALORA: Dr. Jacque­line Bat­talora is the author of Birth of a White Nation: The Inven­tion of White Peo­ple and Its Rel­e­vance Today http://​amzn​.to/​2​k​N​j​s​i​H. It is a fas­ci­nat­ing book on race in Amer­ica that begins with an explo­ration of the moment in time when “white peo­ple,” as a sep­a­rate and dis­tinct group of human­ity, were invented through leg­is­la­tion and the enact­ment of laws. Dr. Bat­talora is an anti-​racist writer, attor­ney and pro­fes­sor of soci­ol­ogy, anthro­pol­ogy, and crim­i­nal jus­tice at Saint Xavier Uni­ver­sity in Chicago. LINKS OF INTER­EST: Bat­talora & DiAn­gelo: How #Antimis­ce­gena­tion Cre­ated #White­Fragility https://​goo​.gl/​q​q​N​X​4​S Bat­talora and DiAn­gelo (The Fear of White Men) https://​goo​.gl/​u​z​a​i​3​r Under­stand­ing #White­Fragility with Dr. Robin DiAn­gelo https://​goo​.gl/​M​R​O​S​X​s #White­Fragility vs. #WhitePriv­i­lege and Guilt (Bat­talora and DiAn­gelo) https://​goo​.gl/​B​M​D​36​O

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