The most dan­ger­ous event the world! ( Updated and Renamed Maloney’s Folly)

Mike Mal­oney explores the events and evi­dence lead­ing up to what he believes will be the most dan­ger­ous event the world will see in the com­ing years — the poten­tial for gov­ern­ments to enforce their own cen­tral­ized dig­i­tal currencies.

With addi­tional com­ments and opin­ions. orig­i­nally posted here at Maloney’s web­page : https://​tinyurl​.com/​y​c​v​f​3​n​h​2

This video is from youtube, not maloney’s website

What fol­lows is two state­ments and part of the people’s con­ver­sa­tion that was posted on the page and my inter­ac­tion in the group. ( These com­ments were deemed to be spam because it does not agree with mike’s com­ment and because there is no way to rebut them.)

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