Are My Hands Clean?

{jcomments on}I few years back ( maybe 10 or so) I made a video for this song by sweet honey and the rock. Not very long after that my site was hack (that was back when all we had to work with was html) Anyway, I  was very upset when that happened. Roaming around on youtube I came once more upon this great work. So I present it to you for your enjoyment and edification.

Sweet Honey and The Rock


I always seem to have to listen to this more than once but that just me.

Today my lady gave me a nice Bob Marley T-shirt, and I showed her this video she said to me "I'm not happy" I told her the only way things will change is if people are aware. That at this time the most important thing is to be aware of the world around you. And to talk about it!

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