How Not to Correspond

Conversations with a Moor Or How Not to Correspond With Your Brother

An interesting thing happen to me on the way to my e-mail box. It's funny (all be it) in a sad way! I was corresponding back to a researcher on a You-Tube video he sent me, which I had an issue with. Just as I sent the mail I had an epiphany. In the form of a question, which I would than also reply to. I use this type of communication to draw a picture in words. So I sent another short e-mail with a question. In hast I click reply to all.

Here is the question.

Question : Why do humans ride horses?

Answer: Because humans are the ones who think and make the world according to that thinking!

Moral: If you don't think the humans on this planet who do think, will be riding you!

That set off an interesting interchange of E-Mails, but not with the researcher.

U.S.A. first inhabitants

More from the Way Back Machine : U.S.A. first inhabitants may have arrived more than 40,000 years ago Saturday, 12 May 2007

Olmec HeadPeople walked upon the face of the land known as the United States long before it was a country. Some archeologists estimate that the first inhabitants arrived more than 40,000 years ago, with the The first signs of complex society in Mesoamerica at 15,000 years, (Olmec civilization ) before the present day. Many American children are taught about Christopher Columbus discovering America and the First Thanksgiving at Jamestown. Yet, this is not the correct history. And so the true history now unfolds.

The nature of Black People Hair

The nature of Black People Hair


From the Way Back Machine from the (now missing) Hairzoo Section






You can take the kink out your brain but,

You Can't Take The Kink Out Your Hair


This is for you Genetic, and who ever else might read this, Here is the brother I was talking to you about don't know why no one told me about this, Oh yea maybe because I don't talk to a lot of people. Be that as it may, I think you'll like this...


An open letter to brother Keidi

Keidi,, open_letter Conversations about money

An open letter to brother Keidi

(4 years ago )

This conversation was conducted on before

my account was disabled and later contents deleted by one

of the admin on the site (he need to do a lawyer check).

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