Why is America in Yeman?

Public Notice-Full Senate Vote

YES for arms sale to continue the war in Yeman

Rand Paul "This Is Your Proxy Vote On The War In Yemen Because We're NOT Being Allowed A Direct Vote On The War In Yemen!"

What I think is important here is the control of the (so-called) two party system which act as one party when ever it come to the subject of war.

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South African Land Reform

South Africans woke up on Thursday morning to a message from US President Donald Trump about 'land expropriation' and the 'large scale killings of farmers' and they're not impressed.

Trump has asked his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo to "closely study the South African land and farm seizures" he confirmed in a tweet to his more than 53.9-million followers on the social networking site.

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Gagging Political Extremist

I dont have time to write anything to add to this video but it covers just about everything I would have said anyway! Maybe I'll add something later. I didn't even add the meta data to the post yet. I'll get back to it.

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War Powers The Biggest Con of ALL

Congress Declares American Citizens as the Enemy: Declares War – 1933

Don’t you feel obligated to reciprocate?

“I think of all the damnable heresies that have ever been suggested in connection with the Constitution, the doctrine of emergency is the worst. It means that when Congress declares an emergency, there is no Constitution… for when this bill becomes a law, …there is no longer any workable Constitution to keep the Congress within the limits of its Constitutional powers.” -Spoken by Congressman Beck in 1933 prior to the passage of the Farm Bill.

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The Hard Facts of 9/11

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