Kill List

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Plaintiffs Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan and Bilal Abdul Kareem are journalists who specialize in reporting on terrorism and conflict in the Middle East.  Mr. Zaidan learned his name was included on a list of suspected terrorists and Mr. Kareem has been the victim or near victim of at least five aerial bombings while in Syria.  Based on this information, the Plaintiffs believe their names are on a list of individuals the United States has determined are terrorists and may be killed (the so-called Kill List).  Plaintiffs sue President Donald J. Trump, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Secretary of the Department of Defense (DOD), the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Attorney General, and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), all in their official capacities, as well as the Department of Justice (DOJ), DOD, DHS, and CIA.  Plaintiffs allege that these officials and agencies violated the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), 5 U.S.C. § 551

After reading more of the court document I learned that SKYNET is already actice! Of cause if you are one of the few who has never seen "The Terminator" then ignorance is bliss. (In the Terminator films, Skynet is a system of computers used to control military machines like stealth bombers, rendering humans obsolete in terms of selecting enemy targets and executing enemy attacks.  I just wonder how long it (SKYNET) been active? At the very least since 9/11. However, unlike the movies, I would think that it's still under human control. But as they say in that song, It Ain't Necessarily So! however, today's Skynet is as stated in the court papers : SKYNET, which identified potential terrorists based on their metadata (electronic patterns of communications, writings, social media postings, and travel.) Sounds like there is still a bit of work to be done to bring it up to the Terminator's speed. But, I have to assum that if I wanted to go to see the pyramids I could get myself into a lot of trouble. Yea, like we aren't already!

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