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There are only a few peo­ple that I can talk to when it comes to the strange hap­pen­ings in the world today. That is I dont want to appear the con­spir­a­cyt the­o­rist /​ana­lyst that I am. So what is the con­nect with covid and the matrix? The truth is any good con­spir­acy the­o­rist could tell you this, the prob­lem is I haven’t heard any­body make a peep in this direction.

That to me is inter­est­ing because the sim­i­lar­i­ties are so strik­ing. The sim­i­lar­ity occurs when you see an agent come out of a bystander who is oth­er­wise mind­ing his busi­ness. What that rep­re­sents is the sys­tem pro­tect­ing itself by means of the inhab­i­tants of the Matrix. Those peo­ple attempt­ing to spread the infor­ma­tion would have seen this in the push back by those who have not inves­ti­gated present day events.

This is a work in progress that was pub­lish in error. But there is no use tak­ing it down now that many have read this thus far. I can’t say when I will work on it as there are other press­ing things to do on the site that have noth­ing to do with the post on this site. If your won­der­ing where Aesop’s Fables comes in and want a pre­view of what’s to come, read Aesop’s Fable The Cat and The Mice.


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