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This was for the exter­nal froum which no longer is pub­lic because of unre­quested Ads!

Use com­mon sense — Just because it isn’t explic­itly stated as one of the rules below doesn’t mean it’s OK. Use com­mon sense and good Neti­quette when post­ing, reply­ing and brows­ing these forums. This includes the fol­low­ing:

Off The Wall, which con­tains addi­tional infor­ma­tion suit­able to the forums in gen­eral.
No posts for the sole pur­pose of increas­ing your post­count.
No “sense­less” posts. Yes, its sub­jec­tive. As a sub­jec­tive way to help under­stand, if a coher­ent con­ver­sa­tion can­not be read in the thread, it might be sense­less.
Keep the forums free from SPAM. This means no SPAM post­ing, no per­sonal mes­sag­ing SPAM, no SPAM in sig­na­tures or else­where in your pro­file. SPAM includes unso­licited mes­sag­ing. If it takes you hours to send hun­dreds of Per­sonal Mes­sages, it is still SPAM. Also, please do not reply to SPAM, just report it. Spam­mers will be reported to stop​fo​rumspam​.com.
No bashing.

Media Guide

1. YouTube Video [youtube]{IDENTIFIER}[/youtube] YouTube Video (short syn­tax) [youtube]{IDENTIFIER}[/youtube]

2.YouTube Video (alter­nate syn­tax) [youtube]{IDENTIFIER}{TEXT}[/youtube]

3. YouTube Video (alter­nate syn­tax) [youtube]{IDENTIFIER}[/youtube]

4. YouTube Video (alter­nate syn­tax) [youtube]{IDENTIFIER}[/youtube]

5. Face­book Video [fv]{IDENTIFIER}[/fv]
6. Face­book Video (short syn­tax) [fv]{IDENTIFIER}[/fv]

7. Face­book Video (alter­nate syn­tax) [fv]{IDENTIFIER}[/fv]

8. Insta­gram [instagram]{IDENTIFIER}/[/instagram]

9. Insta­gram (short syn­tax) [instagram]{IDENTIFIER}[/instagram]

10. Insta­gram (alter­nate syn­tax) [instagram]{IDENTIFIER}[/instagram]

11. Vimeo [vimeo]{IDENTIFIER}/[/vimeo]

12. Vimeo (short syn­tax) [vimeo]{IDENTIFIER}[/vimeo]

13. Vimeo (alter­nate syn­tax) [vimeo]{IDENTIFIER}/[/vimeo]

14. Wiki [wiki]{SIMPLETEXT}[/wiki]


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