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Work for Peace

Another Rant!

I’m told that if you want some­thing one should fix his mind to the thing and the knower will work to make that thing real­ity in your life. So when I started this site I might have made my request incom­plete. I started the site with the idea of get­ting some infor­ma­tion out into the universe.

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The Orig­i­nal 3th Party!

I’m not look­ing at the pres­i­den­tial race very closely. But,from what I hear the only way to get Trump out of office is with a third party. Which I find kinda funny that any­one would have the idea that the per­ma­nent gov­ern­ment would truly allow a third party that could actu­ally make a difference.

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For­got­ten Post

If you do noth­ing else, Check out the for­got­ten post sec­tion on the home page (Top Left). It’s the rea­son the site was made. If you are going to court read or lis­ten to Free Speech Radio, Seat-​belts 1 & 2 and Cog­ni­tive Dis­so­nance at High Frequency!In that order. Posted in Audio and text format.

What Is Social Distancing

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