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Nobody can do every­thing, but every­body can do something!

Work for Peace

Genet­icmem­ory is a pri­vate non-​profit site to dis­pense infor­ma­tion and to heap dis­re­spect on those who so des­per­ately deserve it!

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(Before any com­ments about Genet­icMem­ory this should be under­stood. This site was made to express the ideas from the for­got­ten post sec­tion. All other sto­ries are addi­tional for your consideration)

Writ­ten some time ago and some com­ments no longer apply!

We’re back!


(At the time this was first posted in 2013)

Genet​icmem​ory​.org was made a domain in 2009 but stated as a bul­letin board via dial up and was named Twi­light Studio


Genet­icmem­ory has had a few names. It started out as
Lis​ten​.to/​a​f​r​i​c​a​n​l​e​c​t​u​r​e​s that was in or about 1995, about ‘98
We change the name to Twi­light­Stu­dio. Because I was up most
night after work pulling the site together, and find­ing ways to
make it work. It’s true a lit­tle bit of knowl­edge is dan­ger­ous
Our slo­gan at that time was “We work all night to get it right for you“
It was about that time that I tried to get the African lec­tur­ers
to use the Inter­net in con­junc­tion with the “black churches“
to inform the com­mu­nity about our lost his­tory. I was pre­ma­ture
as most. I think they felt that the Inter­net was a pass­ing fad.
I will not post the names of them, but if you ask I’ll tell you.
It was not till 2001 after lis­ten­ing to a lec­ture by Lenord Jeffiers Phd.
that I once again renamed the site this time to Genet­icmem­ory and
came out of my pocket to paid for a domain name. As it was sug­gested
by Dr. J that we secure these mean­ing­ful names wile we could.

There is only a frac­tion of what was here. We got hack on godaddy as often a possible.

But if some­one didn’t want you to know then we would not get hacked as we have noth­ing to sell ! Genet­icMem­ory has been crawled 17 times going all the way back to April 6, 2005 by the Inter­net archive way back machine

Image from the Wayback MachinneI am now find­ing old sto­ries now, The one that hold infor­ma­tion we need will be the first looked for. Some have been posted. Old sto­ries and new are updated often, so be sure to check
back for updates on sto­ries of interest.



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“Ded­i­cated to inspir­ing peo­ple to study the actualdragonSlayersExcellence

Law, its His­tory and Lan­guage so we can live

peace­ful together and save our nation.”


If you see a prob­lem e-​mail (or com­ment) to the admin and it will be cor­rected
If and when the Admin has knowl­edge of a problem.

A last thought made 12÷8÷2018: In some ways this is a good thing in other ways it is an abysmal.

There has never been one penny donated to the work of this site Genet­icMem­ory as of this date.

And yet, we are still here!

As of 2022 this sit­u­a­tion has not change! Again “We are still here! But it does not say much for my vis­i­tors. Maybe we should switch to sports!

Look­ing at this today (12192022) I won­der was a dol­lar to much to ask?

Maybe I’ll go to youtube and start a sport chan­nell, talk about what oth­ers think is important?

You may Not have noticed, but free speech is no longer free. Just chek around for peo­ple being

Not able to say w they need to say on youtube!


End Global Warming