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Inside the FBI New Co-​Intel Pro

The New Co-​Intel Pro

Or from the old Mis­sis­sippi to the new Mississippi

Accord­ing to a leaked FBI assess­ment, “Black Iden­tity Extrem­ists” Paste are a new group of domes­tic ter­ror­ists who pose a seri­ous and vio­lent threat to Amer­i­can law enforce­ment. The assess­ment is based on unsub­stan­ti­ated group­ing of unre­lated police shoot­ings and has drawn much pub­lic scrutiny for its appar­ent advo­cacy of racial pro­fil­ing. Rakem Balo­gun, an out­spo­ken black activist in Dal­las, is con­sid­ered the first per­son to be tar­geted as a “Black Iden­tity Extrem­ist”. After being detained for nearly 6 months on weapons charges, VICE met up with Rakem on the day he was released from prison to learn more about the events lead­ing to his arrest and real-​world reper­cus­sions of the new “Black Iden­tity Extrem­ist” label.

We will try to make con­tact with this group of think­ing brothers.

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Police Harass­ment

This is a clear case of police harass­ment. Also as you can see it’s not a case of race because the cop doing the harass­ing is also a brown man! The truth is that police offi­cer are not law enforce­ment offi­cer ever if they are froce to act like they are from time to time. They are in fact offi­cers of a Munic­i­pal cor­po­ra­tion, enforc­ing pol­icy which are also known as pub­lic pol­icy. Also in order to make mat­ter worse they are only given those poli­cies by which they may oper­ate not the under­linig law. How­ever this type of harass­ment is beyond even the scope of their own cor­per­ated codes.

How­ever things can go badly if you are pulled over at night on an empty road.This took place in 2012

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Slav­ery Never Ended!

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Slav­ery Never Ended!

Most all of us know some­one who is in prison, many know peo­ple who are there and should not be. Sup­port the Strike On August 21st pris­oner rebels across the coun­try will refuse to keep the prison machin­ery run­ning and demand an end to prison slav­ery. On the out­side, we’re busy spread­ing the word, orga­niz­ing sol­i­dar­ity demos and more. We are demand­ing humane liv­ing con­di­tions, access to reha­bil­i­ta­tion, sen­tenc­ing reform and the end of mod­ern day slavery.

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