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No pass­word chat rooms.

Cyber­hood closed for lack of the public’s interest

The com­ment form is at the bot­tom of the post.

Closed for non-​use!

Cyber­Hood Chat is a pub­lic service

(AKA Free!)

To let peo­ple know if you have setup a meet­ing or forum con­tact admim or mod­er­a­tor to post it on the Cal­en­dar

Mod­er­a­tor may soon be needed.

Remem­ber when we ask you to donate?

donate by being a mod­er­a­tor leave a comment.

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ron — 16:13

if you leave a ques­tion it will open a forum post

Ron‘G — 09:51

My first blog post is up, stop by and check it out.

JoomJunk — 20:00

Wel­come to the Shoutbox

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