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If your har­bour­ing an old Aero-​Garden and you have a fish tank in the base­ment, Have I got a deal for you. I want to build an Aquaponic sys­tem in my back yard when it gets warm. Oh let me tel you what Aquaponic is. It is a close envi­ron­ment that encom­passes fish and plants. It grows more food than you could har­vest in the same amount of dirt. I hope that the peo­ple com­ing to this site are wise enough to know that you should not be count­ing on your super­mar­ket for all your needs. Or maybe your just wait­ing to learn the hard way? Well I made a deci­sion to not wait till I’m in need to learn how to feed myself. This project is the begin­ning of my education.

Some of my rea­sons for want­ing to learn this is, (But not in any order) are:

Is the FDA Try­ing to Take Away Your Vit­a­mins?

Fukushima Trails 2

Organic Con­sumers Asso­ci­a­tion: Mil­lions Against Mon­santo

How Did the BP Oil Spill Affect Gulf Coast Wildlife?

Our Com­ing Food Cri­sis — NYTimes​.com

Another rea­son for the con­ver­sion is that I will no longer have to buy sup­ply for my Aero-​Garden when I build the green­house that it will go into. Now if you need more rea­sons, leave a com­ment and I’ll see how many more I can dig up, as this is just off the top of my head.


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