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Mini black holes in Large Hadron Col­lider ‘could prove exis­tence of par­al­lel universes’

Cern’s Large Hadron Col­lider could be used to prove the exis­tence of par­al­lel uni­verses, a team of physi­cists have said. The LHC is due to be switched on later this week – although no date has been set – fol­low­ing a two year shut down dur­ing which sci­en­tists under­took ser­vic­ing and upgrad­ing work on the machine. Exper­i­ments at the LHC are expected to pro­vide sci­en­tists with key infor­ma­tion about our uni­verse, includ­ing that on dark mat­ter and the Big Bang.

How­ever, physi­cists have also said the LHC could be used to uncover the exis­tence of par­al­lel uni­verses – with the detec­tion of mini black holes at a cer­tain energy level the way to do it.”

Remem­ber that these peo­ple have no regard for sprite and believe that only mat­ter and energy are reality.

Mir Faizal, one of the authors of the study pub­lished in Physics Let­ters B, told Phys​.org: “Nor­mally, when peo­ple think of the mul­ti­verse, they think of the many-​worlds inter­pre­ta­tion of quan­tum mechan­ics, where every pos­si­bil­ity is actu­alised. This can­not be tested and so it is phi­los­o­phy and not sci­ence. This is not what we mean by par­al­lel uni­verses. What we mean is real uni­verses in extra dimen­sions

“As grav­ity can flow out of our uni­verse into the extra dimen­sions, such a model can be tested by the detec­tion of mini black holes at the LHC. We have cal­cu­lated the energy at which we expect to detect these mini black holes in gravity’s rain­bow [a new the­ory]. If we do detect mini black holes at this energy, then we will know that both gravity’s rain­bow and extra dimen­sions are cor­rect.”

Stephen Hawk­ing: “The Higgs poten­tial has the wor­ri­some fea­ture that it might become metastable at ener­gies above 100 [bil­lion] giga­elec­tron­volts (GeV). This could mean that the uni­verse could undergo cat­a­strophic vac­uum decay, with a bub­ble of the true vac­uum expand­ing at the speed of light. This could hap­pen at any time and we wouldn’t see it coming.”

What Hawk­ing is talk­ing about here is not the Higgs boson but what’s called the Higgs poten­tial, which are “totally dif­fer­ent con­cepts,” says Katie Mack, a the­o­ret­i­cal astro­physi­cist at Mel­bourne Uni­ver­sity. The Higgs field per­me­ates the entire uni­verse, and the Higgs boson is an exci­ta­tion of that field, just like an elec­tron is an exci­ta­tion of an elec­tric field. In this anal­ogy, the Higgs poten­tial is like the volt­age, deter­min­ing the value of the field.

(I’m Not attempt­ing to tell you how you should view your maker, but if you believe there is one you will wanna look at this!)

Name: The big bang

Age: 13.8bn years, or no age at all, because it didn’t happen.

Appear­ance: Big and bangy, or it doesn’t have an appear­ance, because it didn’t happen.

Why are you being so down on the big bang? Are you one of those cre­ation­ists? Quite the oppo­site. I’m just here to tell you that Cern will soon use the Large Hadron Col­lider to detect minia­ture black holes.

And what does that have to do with the big bang? Well, if it’s suc­cess­ful, the exis­tence of minia­ture black holes could prove the exis­tence of par­al­lel uni­verses, which could prove the Gravity’s Rain­bow the­ory, which could then prove that the uni­verse has existed for ever with no fixed point of origin.

Take me through that again, as if to an idiot. Right, OK. The sci­en­tists at Cern believe that there are minia­ture black holes hid­den away in dimen­sions beyond the ones that we can com­pre­hend, and that these lead to par­al­lel universes.

Wait right there. Extra dimen­sions? I haven’t even got to Gravity’s Rain­bow yet. That the­ory seeks to rec­on­cile the the­ory of rel­a­tiv­ity with quan­tum mechan­ics, by argu­ing that grav­i­ta­tional fields around super­mas­sive objects bend light in dif­fer­ent ways depend­ing on its colour.

This is hurt­ing my brain. Lis­ten, did the big bang hap­pen or not? Pos­si­bly not. The point of all of this is that Gravity’s Rain­bow could prove that the sin­gu­lar­ity – the infi­nitely tiny point that exploded bil­lions of years ago, giv­ing birth to the uni­verse – is a sci­en­tific impossibility.

So the uni­verse has always existed? Or it never existed? I’m so con­fused. Me too. It takes seri­ous sci­en­tific jour­nals hun­dreds of thou­sands of words to prop­erly describe this stuff. What hope do we have?

We Truly Live In Inter­est­ing Times!

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One ring to find them!

One ring to bring them all!

And in the Dark­ness bind them!

Lord of the Rings”

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