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Some­times ideas that orig­i­nate in sci­ence seep out into the broader cul­ture and take on a life of their own. It’s still com­mon to hear peo­ple referred to as “anal,” a Freudian idea that no longer has much cur­rency in con­tem­po­rary psy­chol­ogy. Ideas like black holes and quan­tum leaps play a metaphor­i­cal role that’s only loosely teth­ered to their orig­i­nal sci­en­tific mean­ings. (This is the cur­rent think­ing and is there for sub­ject to be newspeck (dou­ble­think))

The is the way it has been under­stood before. And for good reason.

t dancer

You should be able to change the dancer’s direc­tion just by think­ing about it!

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Addi­tional information:

Left Brain — Right Brain functionality

Lastest Research on the topic:

There are those who have other opin­ions: The Truth About The Left Brain /​Right Brain Relationship

Books on the topic: Left Brain, Right Brain by Sally Springer and Georg Deutsch and Hemi­spheric Asym­me­try: What’s Right and What’s Left by Joseph Hellig

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