Remem­ber this?

Make jokes about our ser­vice and we will arrest you!

Now the T.S.A. say you’ll be arrested if you Tease us. But it’s all right for them to sex­ual assault you or steal you gold sil­ver or even if you have too much funny money and come any­where near the air­ports or borders.How dose this happen?

JULY 15 2018: Court Gives Clear­ance for TSA to Molest and Falsely Arrest Air Travelers

Yes­ter­day a Philadel­phia Appeals Court ruled that TSA agents can not be sued for molest­ing or falsely arrest­ing air travelers.

Accord­ing to an arti­cle in Yahoo News the gov­ern­ment has granted DHS employ­ees immu­nity from lawsuits.

It’s a mat­ter of jurisdiction

Check the con­sti­tu­tion the gov­ern­ment has juris­dic­tion in all ports, dockyards,and other need­ful build­ings. And that’s why they say
“We remind you!”

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